Not Your Average Life Coach

Not Your Average Life Coach

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We should never stop dreaming.

We’re all capable of achieving the goals we set ourselves.

What matters is how far we are willing to go to achieve our aims, that’s what separates the dream-doers from the do-nothings.

When our desires and strengths are nurtured in a creative, compassionate and honest way – which acknowledges that we will always have to experience a bit of hardship to get where we’re going – we can get to where we want to be in life.

Sometimes we just need a bloody good life coach to help us get there.

I believe that the best life coaches are open-minded, knowledgeable and passionate individuals with strong resolves forged from having lived a testing life.

My coaching philosophy developed from the hardships I have experienced in my own life and how I have learned to self-coach myself through a creative process of overcoming those trying times.

My ability to break through obstacles and to be persistently inventive in the way that I do it is certainly at the root of why I am very good life coach.

I’ve been life coaching since 2017.

My coaching started out as a practical assignment of my master’s degree; which then evolved into the final project of my Leadership and Management concentration.

Not Your Average Life Coach was a project covering my self-coaching, my coaching of others and the development of my coaching website.

Now it continues to grow as a side-hustle business.

I specialise in lifestyle, career and education coaching because that is what I know.

You only have to look at how I have designed my own life – by building my own education and career brand ecosystem – to realise that I have a deeply invested and vastly educated interest in personal and professional development that empowers you to survive and thrive.

My coaching is not just about the practicalities of lifestyle design, career development or educational pursuits.

At a very fundamental level, it is about overcoming the expectations of others by strengthening your self-esteem and bringing out your voice.

My coaching is about empowering you… to be YOU.

You have to live your own life.

If you don’t, you will just end up living what everyone else thinks is the best life for you and that may not bring you the most happiness.

Be loud. Be proud. Be you.

There’s already enough of everyone else.

Want to start?

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