I Built My Own Education

I Built My Own Education

My Education Website + My MTA Portfolio

My MTA Portfolio is a self-directed master’s degree in Sustainable Globalisation and Creative Enterprise

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life being scared and ignorant of the world.

I wanted a ‘renaissance man’ education fit for understanding our world that would give me the expansive intelligence and versatile skillset to be able to future-proof my life.

It was 2013, I had just graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I was massively in debt, I had no real achievable career direction and I was sick and tired of trying to find a master’s degree that didn’t exist.

So I built one myself.

Updating my MTA Portfolio whiteboard overview


My Master of Transdisciplinary Application, a.k.a. my MTA Portfolio, is made up of 699 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

The MOOCs are arranged into 70 learning modules that are collected together into 10 guiding concentrations.

The 10 guiding concentrations are equally split between my majors in Sustainable Globalisation and Creative Enterprise.

I never had a masterplan to create such a massive postgraduate portfolio and I certainly never intended to spend 5 years studying the bulk of the MOOCs!

The building of my MTA Portfolio has been a very exponential process of discovery.

It started with me studying a few MOOCs, that turned into a few more, then still more. They needed a system to be organised in and my MTA Portfolio evolved and expanded and refined itself from there.

Earlier version of my MTA Portfolio with its 10 guiding concentrations


The guiding concentrations of my MTA Portfolio represent areas of expertise I needed to figure out in order to become a flexible thinker and proactive problem solver.

The real innovation of my MTA Portfolio has been the 10 final projects that close off the 10 guiding concentrations.

The final projects are springboards that I have used to exercise the knowledge I have gained and ignite my professional pursuits.

One final project is the website I built to host the intricacies of my MTA Portfolio – I Built My Own Education. It is, by far, the biggest website I have ever made.

I have 26 notebooks full of MTA course notes


This whole endeavour has taken a lot of hard work and a very long time to come together.

By the time My MTA Portfolio is completely finished, I reckon I will have spent 10 years putting this thing together.

But it has been worth every single second.

I now feel like I understand the world and I know how I can future-proof my life.

In fact, I’m already doing it.

Want to see how?



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