Peter O’Brien

Renaissance Guy | Versatile Professional 

What would happen if you locked me in a room with nothing but a piece of paper?

Well, you might end up with an origami house that had a little chimney on top.

But I can’t do origami to save my life!

More likely, you would find the piece of paper posted back under the door.

It would tell you that being locked in a room with nothing but a sheet of A4 and a paper cut is a very slow way to write yourself to death.

If I’m not being creative, I’m dying.

Inventing something from scratch or reforming previously established ideas into new concepts is not only how I survive, it’s how I thrive.

Whether it was cultivating my outrageous imagination through many long years of uninspiring schooling.

I watched far too many films and read not nearly enough books.

Or, later on, using my sharpened inventiveness to build my own postgraduate education.

Being creative is what I do.

I built Pete Be Creative to bring together all the different strands of my creative practice and to showcase my abilities as a flexible thinker.

I’m a renaissance man – a person of many talents and areas of knowledge – thanks in no small part to the transformational learning experience of my self-directed Master of Transdisciplinary Application (MTA Portfolio) in Sustainable Globalisation and Creative Enterprise.

I also have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Writing with Film and Screen Studies.

Coupled with my creative nature, my two degrees have empowered me to develop my professions as a life coach, web designer, content maker and overall transdisciplinary practitioner.

I’m also a supervisor for a weekend nightshift. My safety net job has been invaluable in allowing me to undertake my postgraduate studies and develop my primary professional focuses.

Cinema and filmmaking are another key focus that continues to be cultivated as a glorified hobby.

I’m a bit of a health freak and very much into my fitness.

I read widely and write like there is no tomorrow.

I love ping pong and hate environmental degradation.

Politics. Don’t even get me started!

Pete Be Creative is the frontpage of my career brand ecosystem and it represents an awful lot of headaches and hard work.

I’ve been evolving myself into a battle-hardened proactive problem solver who can always create new opportunities out of the personal, professional and planetary challenges we will all face in the fast-evolving 21st-century.

I’m passionate about producing engaging content on responsive platforms; as well as helping others to lead healthier and happier lives.

Pete be creative, uses a lot of alliteration and never gives up!

Anything else you want to know…

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